About this website

This site presents current statistics and datasets about the use of the .nl zone, which is maintained by SIDN. With over 5,8 million registered domain names, .nl is the 4th largest ccTLD (March 2018).

Data source

This data is obtained by analyzing the DNS traffic received by four of our authoritative name servers for the .nl ccTLD, and it covers approximately 65% of the total traffic. Please notice that most of the traffic comes from DNS resolvers typically located at ISPs/CDNs, and not from end user location.

Data interpretation

Please be aware that due to DNS caching on ISPs and CDN's servers, this data is actually a sample of all the queries related to the .nl domains.

Data processing

We use our Hadoop-based ENTRADA platform and the domain name registration system (DRS). ENTRADA is an acronym for ENhanced Top-level domain Resilience through Advanced Data Analysis, which we use to increase security and stability of .nl. ENTRADA enables us to store all the DNS queries received on our authoritative name servers. Automated analysis of this data helps us to quickly detect threats and anomalies.


The data and datasets provided here do not have personally identifiable information.


The data in this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


If not noted differently, this website provides continuous data, and it is updated automatically on a daily basis. We will also include more statistics and reports in the future.

Questions about this site or the statistics?

Send us an email at sidnlabs@sidn.nl


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Despite taking great care when developing these experimental services, SIDN Labs cannot guarantee that this service is always available and the data is accurate. You agree that access to and use of this service is at your own risk and SIDN is NOT liable for any claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs or expenses of any kind arising from or related to either your use of this service.

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