Although we take great care when developing our experimental services, we cannot guarantee that this service will always function properly. Use of the service is entirely at the user's risk. SIDN is not liable for any damages suffered as a consequence of using experimental SIDN services. We reserve the right to withdraw this service at any time and without prior notice.

Data source

This data is derived from DNS traffic received by 2 of our authoritative name servers, which handle about 65 per cent of the total traffic flow. Most of the traffic comes from DNS resolvers, and not from individual users.

Data interpretation

Please note that, due to DNS caching, the data presented is actually a sample of all queries sent regarding .nl domain names.

Data processing

We use our Hadoop-based ENTRADA platform and the Domain Registration System (DRS). ENTRADA is an acronym for ENhanced Top-level domain Resilience through Advanced Data Analysis. We use the platform to increase the security and stability of .nl. ENTRADA enables us to store DNS queries received on our authoritative name servers. Automated analysis of this data helps us to quickly detect threats and anomalies.


The data made available on this site does not incude personally identifiable information.


SIDN statistics are made available under the following licence: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Unless stated otherwise, the data on this website is updated automatically on a daily basis. New statistical information is frequently added to the site.

Questions about this site or the statistics?

Drop a line to sidnlabs@sidn.nl