DNSSEC protects the integrity and authenticity of DNS information. On this page, we provide information about DNSSEC support for .nl domains and resolvers.

Signed domain names
DNSSEC-enabled domain names
Validated queries
Queries from validating resolvers
Top ten resolver locations
The ten locations with the most validating resolvers
Validating resolvers
Growth in the number of validating resolvers
Resolver locations
Locations of all validating resolvers
DNSSEC validation in large networks
The ten busiest networks and their DNSSEC validation shares
DNSSEC validation in Dutch networks
DNSSEC validation shares from resolvers out of a selection of Dutch networks.
Source port randomness
Low source port randomness makes resolvers vulnerable to DNS spoofing
Source port randomness in the Netherlands
Resolvers in the Netherlands with low source port randomness
Algorithms used
Most popular DNSSEC algorithms used for .nl domain names,
Queries for DANE records
Bogus domains
Domain names that generate DNSSEC errors.