Data sources

We use multiple data sources for this website. First, DNS query data is collected using ENTRADA, a tool for analysing very large volumes of DNS data. Also, data has been collected using DMAP, a crawler and classification tool. Both tools are developed by SIDN Labs. Additionally, data is collected by OpenINTEL, a measurement platform to capture daily snapshots of the state of large parts of the global Domain Name System. OpenINTEL is a joint project of the University of Twente, SURF, NLnetLabs, and SIDN Labs. Abuse reports are collected by Netcraft. SIDN uses this system in the context of our


All data available on this website is published using the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You are permitted to use the data for publications and other purposes.

Academic papers

We publish many of our findings in academic papers. But our research doesn't stop with publishing a paper. For this reason, we publish a selection of our measurements also on this website. You can also download the raw data directly. You can find a full list of scientific publications by SIDN Labs here.