This page shows information about the DNS traffic that we are receiving at our .nl authoritative name servers. Explore which information recursive resolvers request and discover resolver attributes, such as their geographic location or their support for IPv6.

Unique domain names
Number of unique domain names looked up per day
Query types
The type of information requested by resolvers
Response codes
Response codes
Resolver locations
Top ten locations for resolvers
Unique IP addresses and networks
Numbers of resolvers
Public DNS providers
Percentage of queries that originate from large public DNS resolver service providers
IPv4 and IPv6 traffic
Percentage of queries from resolvers with IPv6 addresses
UDP and TCP traffic
Queries sent using TCP and UDP
Announced EDNS buffer lenght
EDNS(0) buffer size seen at our name servers, per source address
Number of labels in domain names
The most common number of constituent labels in queried domain names.